Living the Nerdy Life

To live together with your friends is esspecially great if they do not only support your own nerdy projects but also contribute their own ideas ans projects to the flat. I already wrote about our slighty different cleaning schedule in form of Houseglasses but there is more to discover in our flat. If you look carefully you can fins Rainbowdash, Apple Pie, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle on top or next to our doorframes. Furthermore we allow Mucklas to roam our flat freely who like to make a hairband or sock disappear.


I already mentioned that our flat is big but I did not tell you that we even have a second hallway. This hallway is seperated from the rest of the flat by a curtain with a TARDIS on it which is hand painted. The cats love to sit in front of it on the two different sides and try to catch each other.

The living room is not only the home of our Hogwarts crest but is also decorated with a mobilè of flying keys which hangs from a chandelier.


A broom hangs over the door in C.´s room for an easy escape route out of the window and in front of the door to my room we placed a big wardrobe through which one has to go to reach my room. Welcome to Narnia!

The living room is slowly but surely being decorated with Disney quotes. Sometimes I feel like Rapunzel while painting them. We are currently working on a Winnie the Pooh (Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart) and an Alice in Wonderland (I know who I was this morning, but I changed a few times since then) quote. We have a whole army of Tinker Bell fairy candles, that we can spread in the flat whenever we feel like it. Tea and biscuits are served in a TARDIS teapot and a TARDIS biscuit tin.

Because C. and I are studying chemistry you can also find a few science gadget in our place: our shower curtain is the periodic table (which helps learning it) and there is a whiteboard in the dining room, which we bought to help us study for reaction mechanisms of organic chemistry. Now it is used for flat intern arrangements ( shopping lists, diet plans for the cats, announcements) and for decoration on birthdays. Everyone of us gets a personalised drawing on the whiteboard for her birthday.

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